PCOS Stories – Stories About Women With PCOS

“PCOS Stories” are a collection of weekly stories from women with PCOS

My name is Dr Raewyn Teirney and I’m a fertility specialist. I see women daily for IVF and fertility treatment

What I’ll be doing is sharing with you some real stories from women just like you, who are having problems getting pregnant or having difficulty losing weight for pregnancy, and having setbacks such as miscarriages.

These stories are of my patients that I see in my practice, and  hopefully they will inspire and encourage you to keep on  trying to conceive and not give up. The names  of these women have changed for confidentiality reasons.

I want you to be part of a community of women, who share similar issues… we don’t want anyone to feel alone or isolated; let’s be together and learn the best ways of dealing with PCOS and infertility.

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… Here’s to your success