PCOS Stories 9 – Kasy’s Pregnancy Frustration

Kasy is 26 years of age. She and her partner have been trying to get pregnant for the past 18 months. Her menstrual cycles occur very infrequently about every 5 months… so it is very difficult to know when she is ovulating.

I first met Kasy after she had tried ovulation induction treatment with Clomid prescribed by her family doctor. But she did not ovulate.

I then organised for them to have further fertility testing – including testing the fallopian tubes and checking his semen test. Both tests were normal so Kasy started on the next step-up fertility treatment called FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) ovulation induction treatment. (see FSH ovulation treatment Getting Pregnant With PCOS: Ovulation Induction in fertility treatment section).

She had 2 treatment cycles with FSH injections, did ovulate and had timed intercourse with her husband but did not get pregnant. Chances of getting pregnant with PCOS on FSH treatment are about 20% every cycle.

After much discussion Kasy is feeling very frustrated, and feeling stressed. She is not working at present and so is at home thinking about “not getting pregnant” as she describes it.

When her period comes next I will be helping her to get pregnant with IVF invitro-fertilization treatment.