PCOS Stories 2 – Katrina’s Story

Katrina’s story

Names have been changed for confidentiality

Katrina is 32 years of age, diagnosed 3 years ago with PCOS.

She stopped her oral contraceptive pill 9 months ago hoping to get pregnant, but has only had infrequent cycles… some being 7- 9 weeks apart, this indicates she is ovulating infrequently.

She also has other signs of PCOS, that being.. hirsuitism (increased body & facial hair) mild acne, and polycystic looking ovaries on pelvic ultrasound (see “What is PCOS” in the clinical notes section)

All her pre-pregnancy screening tests were normal, and her husband’s semen test was also normal.

However her pelvic ultrasound showed a complex 5 cm cystic structure in her left ovary that could be a condition called endometriosis (see ‘Endometriosis in clinical notes section).

So the plan for her is to repeat the pelvic ultrasound scan in 4 weeks time to review… and if the cystic structure is still present then the possibility of endometriosis will be high and I will then be organising a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy to remove the cyst in her ovary plus remove any other endometriosis I may see in her pelvis. I will be checking her fallopian tubes at the same time.

This is explained further in my free PCOS book so download it now if you have not done so already.

Katrina may well need fertility treatment to help her get pregnant and ovulation induction with Clomiphene Citrate (also called Clomid) is the easiest. But until I see the repeat scan I can then decide the best type of fertility treatment for her and her husband…. the aim being to help them have a baby the easiest and simplest way possible with the best chances!.

The above example is to highlight that sometimes there can be other causes as well as PCOS  being a problem for a couple’s infertility difficulties. And that is why it is so important for you to make sure you have had the gamut of fertility tests… to rule out any other issues that could be stopping you from getting pregnant.

If you haven’t already done so, you are most welcome to download my free PCOS Fertility Book. I will be continuing weekly to add great PCOS educational content to help inspire and empower you to get pregnant.

By the way, if you have your own PCOS story you would like to share with others on this site under ‘PCOS stories, and providing they are not inflammatory  in nature then I would be very happy to post them here if they could help other women and couples wanting to get pregnant. You need to at least give your first name and state or country. You can also send in photos as well