PCOS Stories 16 "How To Get Pregnant With PCOS"

Lately I have been reading the stories from PCOS women that have been posted in my face book Group, and there appears to be a common concern. Many of these Polycystic ovarian syndrome women have been trying to get pregnant for more than 2 years with no success and are looking for answers and are not sure what to do next..

From a fertility doctor’s point-of-view… trying for over 2 years is a very long duration of “trying to conceive” and this could mean there may be other contributing factors stopping them from conceiving. Of course this would get anyone feeling upset or down. You may be feeling like this as well.

So… my advice is to be more proactive, get cracking, and book in to see your doctor. Don’t wait anymore.

Both you and your partner should also be investigated for any other fertility problems that could be stopping you from getting pregnant. Then discuss with your doctor the varying fertility treatment options that could help you to conceive faster.

Keep the vision of a baby in your mind and don’t lose hope

Wishing you all the best

Dr Raewyn