PCOS stories 15 Dacey’s PCOS problem

Dacy is a patient I’ve known for many years.

I first met her at 27 years of age after she’d tried to conceive for 12 months.
She stopped the contraceptive pill and found her periods to occur only every 4 months.

She was commenced on Clomithene in 2008 and conceived on her first cycle. She went on and had an emergency Caesarean section and delivered a beautiful boy.

She came back to see me at the end of 2010 wanting a 2nd pregnancy… and again I started her on Clomithene, for which she has conceived twice, but unfortunately has miscarried both times.

The plan now is to move on to further investigations to see if we’re missing anything which could be increasing her chances of miscarriage.

Studies have confirmed that women with PCOS do have a slightly higher chance of miscarriage and for ANY pregnancy the normal miscarriage chances are about 20%.

Normally with polycystic ovarian syndrome, miscarriage can be as high as 30%.

Once I have these test results, I’ll be sitting down with Dacy and determining the next step, which would probably be another cycle to help her conceive.

I’m sharing these stories with you because you may be experiencing similar problems. It’s good to be in a supportive community of like minded people.

You aren’t alone… stay positive!