PCOS Stories 13 Getting Pregnant With Clomiphene Citrate

I saw Karen today in my fertility clinic.

She is a 32 year old woman whom I had diagnosed as having PCOS after stopping the contraceptive pill to conceive, and not having had a menstrual cycle for 10 months.

For all you women with PCOS this lack of a menstrual cycle indicates no ovulation of an egg…. and is the main reason for not getting pregnant with PCOS.

Karen was commenced on the fertility treatment called Clomiphene Citrate (see Getting Pregnant With Clomiphene Citrate, Clomid ).

I commenced her on the lowest dose tablet, which was 50mg. She was monitored for ovulation, which occurred on day 18 of her cycle, and today she presents pregnant with a scan showing her pregnancy at 8 weeks gestation.

This is a quick result to pregnancy, as the chances of conceiving with PCOS on Clomiphene fertility treatment is 20 % per cycle.

Clomiphene Citrate is a simple fertility treatment for getting pregnant and if you are struggling to conceive then I recommend you speak to your doctor about this treatment.