Ovarian Drilling

PCOS and Laparoscpic Ovarian Drilling

Laparoscopic ovarian drilling (LOD), is another alternative fertility treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Sounds odd I know but it is where small holes are drilled into the surface of the ovary causing ovulation to occur.

No one really understands the mechanism that leads to the stimulation of ovulation, but it is thought that the drilling may alter the endocrine hormonal environment within the ovaries, making it more favourable for follicle growth and the recommencement of the menstrual cycle.

The Laparoscopic ovarian drilling will involve having a surgical day procedure called a laparoscopy.  At laparoscopy a special diathermy (heat) needle is then used to make between 4 to 10 small holes in each of your ovaries about 3mm in size.

See Photo below: Picture of an ovary that has brown burn marks from the laparoscopic drilling

Fertility Treatment - Ovarian Drilling

This operative procedure might sound bizarre, but many studies around the world have proven it to be effective in inducing spontaneous ovulation again, restoring menstrual cycles and ongoing fertility in women like your-self with PCOS.