Managing PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS is recognised as the single most common cause of androgen excess, which means an excess of male hormones. Androgen excess and raised Insulin levels are the main culprits.

For women with PCOS, the increased androgens can lead to problems such as irregular menstrual cycles, acne, skin tags, hair problems like hirsuitism and scalp hair thinning as well as infertility.

It is also now recognised that a woman’s body weight especially her Body Mass Index (BMI) can affect her PCOS symptoms… So managing your weight will be very important!

Feritity doctor talking to patient about PCOS

If you think you may have PCOS, then you will need to see your doctor for the diagnosis. Have a look at “What is PCOS?” on the website.

Are you feeling out of control?

Many women tell me they feel out of control with their PCOS problems. They seem to put on weight easily, or have trouble losing any weight, being unable to conceive, some have difficulty controlling their increased facial hair… So, if you feel like this then you are not alone.

Now is the time to take control and do something about it!. “The managing PCOS” section on this website will have articles to show and help you change your lifestyle as well as how to seek the right medical treatment for your particular PCOS problem.

You cannot cure PCOS but you can improve and treat the symptoms. You are not alone in this journey. Join our PCOS Facebook Page, and here you can be with PCOS friends going through the same journey as you.

You cannot cure PCOS, but you can lessen its intensity to the point where you are symptom free
There are also varying treatments to help relieve your PCOS symptoms