Definition Of Endometriosis:

Endometriosis is a complex condition in women where  deposits of endometrium ( the lining of the uterus) occur outside the normal uterine environment and instead can be found on the organs and structures in the abdomen and pelvis. The usual places are on the ovary or inside the ovary as a cyst, or on the bowel, or

What Can Endometriosis Cause?

Why is this important to know? Well… endometriosis is a common cause for pelvic pain such as pain with  your menstruation, and it can be a cause for your infertility thereby preventing you from getting pregnant.
Endometriosis can affect any women during their reproductive life. That means it can occur from the age of puberty, all the way through to the beginning of menopause.

Even if you have the diagnosis of PCOS you can also have endometriosis as a second cause for infertility.

How To Diagnose Endometriosis:

Firstly, if you have any of the following symptoms such as painful heavy periods, dark spotting before your period, painful sexual intercourse or difficulty getting pregnant then endometriosis could be the offending factor.
A pelvic ultrasound can see endometriosis when it has formed a cyst within the ovary, but sometimes diagnosis can be difficult as the deposits of endometriosis in the pelvis can be too small to be seen on the pelvic ultrasound.
This is when there is a need for a procedure called a laparoscopy which can look with a thin telescope into the pelvis and visualise the deposits of endometriosis.
If you think you may have endometriosis then you need to see your medical doctor for further testing.