PCOS Stories 10 – Supryia’s PCOS Story

I first met Supryia and her husband Joseph back in 2006. They had been trying to get pregnant with PCOS for the previous two years. Supryia’s menstrual cycles were only happening every 3 or 4 months, so you can imagine how difficult it would have been to pick the appropriate fertile time to try for a baby.

After a round of fertility testing which ruled out any other fertility problems, Supryia and Joseph decided Not to go the simpler fertility treatment with the Clomid tablet (see Getting Pregnant With Clomid), but instead to try Invitro-fertilization treatment to conceive as this gave them a much higher chance of a pregnancy (see Invitro Fertilisation (IVF) – Fertility Treatment).

Supryia conceived in the 1st IVF cycle with 2 further embryos frozen for future use, and delivered a beautiful baby boy in 2007.

What is so fantastic is that since then, she and Joseph have spontaneously conceived two further children without any fertility assistance. They now have three beautiful children.

They have returned to see me as they have been trying for a fourth child for 18 months without success, and would therefore like to conceive using their remaining frozen embryos.

You see having the diagnosis of PCOS doesn’t mean you can not or will not conceive… and this story is a classic example. Most PCOS women will get pregnant, so you need to stay positive and pro-active and continue with your goal of a baby.

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