PCOS Stories 17 Metformin

Recently on my Facebook page “How to get pregnant with PCOS” women have been writing about their experiences with the tablet called Metformin.

Most have described side effects such as nausea, abdominal discomfort and general un-wellness on this medication. This has caused many to stopped it.

You may be on this medication as well, and could be experiencing similar problems. But It is important to stay on this medication and I will discuss this further.

But first: …. .Make sure you are taking the “Slow Release” formula of Metformin as this reduces any possible side effects.

Why take Metformin?

Metformin is an Insulin-sensitising drug that has been used for PCOS women since 1994.

By Lowering the Blood insulin levels Metformin can improve follicle and egg growth and therefore ovulation and the menstrual cycle.

Since that time, Large studies have proven that Metformin improves the ovulation rate, and also the pregnancy rate in women with PCOS who were trying for a baby.

Studies also showed that the addition of Metformin with Clomiphene Citrate (also called Clomid or Serophene) can benefit in improving the ovulation rate  and pregnancy rate in PCOS women.

So don’t neglect this tablet. Be patient as it may take time to work.

See your family doctor about using the Slow release Metformin.

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PCOS Stories 16 "How To Get Pregnant With PCOS"

Lately I have been reading the stories from PCOS women that have been posted in my face book Group, and there appears to be a common concern. Many of these Polycystic ovarian syndrome women have been trying to get pregnant for more than 2 years with no success and are looking for answers and are not sure what to do next..

From a fertility doctor’s point-of-view… trying for over 2 years is a very long duration of “trying to conceive” and this could mean there may be other contributing factors stopping them from conceiving. Of course this would get anyone feeling upset or down. You may be feeling like this as well.

So… my advice is to be more proactive, get cracking, and book in to see your doctor. Don’t wait anymore.

Both you and your partner should also be investigated for any other fertility problems that could be stopping you from getting pregnant. Then discuss with your doctor the varying fertility treatment options that could help you to conceive faster.

Keep the vision of a baby in your mind and don’t lose hope

Wishing you all the best

Dr Raewyn

PCOS Stories 14 Megan’s PCOS story

Names have been changed for confidentiality

I saw Megan today for review in my fertility clinic. Megan and her partner John have been trying to conceive with PCOS for the past 3 years.

She has very infrequent menstrual cycles and only has a period about once a year… So to help her get pregnant with PCOS she required fertility treatment to induce ovulation.

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PCOS Stories 13 Getting Pregnant With Clomiphene Citrate

I saw Karen today in my fertility clinic.

She is a 32 year old woman whom I had diagnosed as having PCOS after stopping the contraceptive pill to conceive, and not having had a menstrual cycle for 10 months.

For all you women with PCOS this lack of a menstrual cycle indicates no ovulation of an egg…. and is the main reason for not getting pregnant with PCOS.

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PCOS Stories 12 Min Yi’s PCOS Story

Names have been changed for confidentiality

I met Min in 2010 after her and husband Jonathon had been trying to conceive on and off for 5 years. Her menstrual cycles were occurring between 8 and 10 weeks apart.

Fertility tests confirmed her PCOS diagnosis and all other fertility investigations on them both came back normal.

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PCOS Stories 11 Lesley’s PCOS Story – Fertility Tests

Names have been changed for confidentiality

Lesley was an old patient of mine from years ago. Back then I treated her for a gynecological problem.

Now age 30 years and married, she reconnected with my fertility clinic after seeing my website on getting pregnant with PCOS.

She’s been diagnosed with PCOS with the added insulin resistance issue and had been trying to lose weight to improve her fertility. She has been trying to get pregnant with PCOS for the past 12 months. Her body mass index was large at 35 but she was actively loosing the weight and so far had lost 12 kg.

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PCOS Stories 9 – Kasy’s Pregnancy Frustration

Kasy is 26 years of age. She and her partner have been trying to get pregnant for the past 18 months. Her menstrual cycles occur very infrequently about every 5 months… so it is very difficult to know when she is ovulating.

I first met Kasy after she had tried ovulation induction treatment with Clomid prescribed by her family doctor. But she did not ovulate.

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PCOS Stories 8 – Penny’s Pregnancy Struggle

Names have been changed for confidentiality

Penny is a 33 year old woman with PCOS who I have been helping over the last 12 months to conceive.

Prior to that Penny and her husband had been having trouble getting pregnant with PCOS for a long 3 years.

Her menstrual cycles occur anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks, so it was very difficult to know when to try for a baby.

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